Tubular type UHT Beverage Sterilizer Pastuerizer Machine

The pasteurizer machine is the sterilization equipment specially designed for fresh juice, tea drinks or similar liquid materials. It is the ideal equipment that material can extend the shelf life purpose through sterilizing and cooling. According to users’ different requirements to material heating, sterilization, heat preservation and cooling, to design various technical requirements for different flow assembly, meet the technological requirements and have all kinds of security protection measures and high temperature alarm, low temperature function of the backflow. At the same time, according to users’ requirements, corresponding configuration of high accuracy of the automatic control system.

1.the structure design is reasonable, high pressure resistant, easy to maintenance

The equipment adopts multiple-tube type, the multiple tube consist of many parallel small tubes, then connect many section multiple tubes. Each segment called a lift, the inner tube of every lift connected by U type tube, the outer tube connected by branch pipe. Material flow in the inner tube, the heating medium reverse flow in the outside tube, through the inner wall to heat transfer. The qty and dimeter in each shell and tube can change, to meet the quality of the material and requirement of heat. The inside and outside of the tube adopt unique set of floating head and double seal design, to avoid the dangerous of pollution, it is convenient to open the pipeline to repair and inspect at the same time, it also can bear high pressure, the maximum allowable pressure can reach 100bar.   During the working process of the equipment, the product is in a completely closed system to produce, no secondary pollution; combine the direction of flow in the pipe design, to avoid the qty of the end(such as T shape connection) and consider the thermal effect, mechanical effect, interfacial active effect of the cleaning, so as to improve the security and cleaning effect. It equipped with alarm and fault handling system, it can effectively put an end to unqualified products output. In addition, the equipment is signal chain with the filling machine, to prevent the wrong operation of filling material, ensure the quality of the product.

2.Good quality of the finished product

The equipment is through digital heat balance design, accurately design the heating up of the product, cooling the required heat exchange area and process, make the products short time quenching heat treatment, reduce the loss of product’s flavor and nutrition, and sterilization. In addition, the equipment can add many section of cooling, regulate the outlet temperature, suitable for cooling filling according to customer’s requirements.

3.Long running time

The equipment adopts high quality, high standard tube, to ensure the good heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchange tube. The control component used in control system adopt international known brand product, include programmable logic controller, smart touch screen, electrical element, steam regulating valve, pressure reduce valve, seat valve, automatic angle valve, constant pressure valve, hot water pump, material pump. It has good quality, heat transfer efficiency and high precision temperature control, the system running stable, have long running time.

4.Easy to operate, high production efficiency

During production, just touch the screen, the system will complete all production operation automatically, include pump, valve on and off, the automatically regulating of the sterilization temperature, and pipe cleaning. It si full automatic control system, every operation only need simple training before guard operation, which greatly improve the production efficiency.   All the control components are imported international brand, guarantee the control precision and quality.   It is easy to maintenance, it only need to replace O sealing ring during maintenance, without any heavy tools.   The manufacturing material meet the standard of food GMP, in accordance with the ASME welding specification, adopt GTAW welding process.