Pure Water Production Machine

Pre-treatment: booster pump, quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, water softener, ion rebirth device, cartridge filter
After treatment: reverse osmosis, Anti-scale system, UV sterilizer, pure water storage tank, ozone machine



Item Description Material Filter element Function
1 Booster pump SUS304 / To pump raw water into pre-treatment tanks
2 Quartz sand filter SUS304 Coarse sand Medium sand Fine sand To remove metal and large particle in water
3 Active carbon filter SUS304 Quartz sand Active carbon To absorb color and foreign smell in water
4 Water softener SUS304 Anion Cation To reduce the water hardness in water
5 Ion rebirth device ABS tank Salin water To clean the ion in water softener to realize recycling
6 Cartridge filter SUS304 PP film To filter the water before entering reverse osmosis and protect the RO membrane
7 Reverse osmosis SUS304 FRP 8040/4040 membrane To reduce the salt in water
8 UV sterilizer SUS304 UV lamp To kill the bacteria in water
9 Pure water storage SUS304 / To store pure water
10 Ozone machine / Ozone generator To kill the bacteria in water


Item Description Item Description
1 Electric control cabinet 7 Vertical high pressure pump
2 Automatic Feed Valve 8 Automatic Flush Valve
3 Pressure indicator 9 Anti-scale feeding unit
4 Low pressure switch 10 High pressure switch
5 FRP or stainless steel pressure vessel 11 Membrane (8040 / 4040)
6 Stainless steel frame 12 UPVC or stainless steel pipe connection

Reference data

Model Capacity (LPH) Power (kw) RO membrane (8040 / 4040)
RO-1000 1000 2.5 4040
RO-2000 2000 3.5
RO-3000 3000 4.5
RO-4000 4000 6.5 8040
RO-5000 5000 8
RO-6000 6000
RO-8000 8000 12
RO-10000 10000 18
RO-15000 15000
RO-20000 20000 28