Juice and Milk Tetrapack Filling Machine

This machine is used for juice and milk filling using tetra pack from 100ml to 3. can apply with straw or cap.

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1. Name:NCR2400 2. Equipment models:NCR-2400-200ml-s
3. Production capacity:2400 bags per hour 4. Packaging forms:Aseptic filling
5.Filling tempeiature:25-50℃ 6.Filling acuracy: ±3
7.Total power(KW):12KW 8. Power:380V/220V 50Hz,
9. Air :85psi/7bar,1.2scfm/65lpm 10. Air pressure (M3/min):0.6-0.8
11. Installation dimensions:(3800x1800x3500)mm 12. Weight:1600KG
13. Machine material: the material contact part is stainless steel 304, and the outer casing part is also made of stainless steel material.
14. Packing capacity: 200ml
15. Installation requirements: cement, floor tiles, plastic floor can be used, no need to hit the ground.

200ml-s   slim type

NO. Name Vemdor model
1 PLC Delta
2 Touch screen Delta
3 motor Shanghai
4 Temperature control Shanghai
5 Frequency converter Wistron
6 Cylinder SMC
7 Power 380V;50Hz
8 Low voltage electrical components Omron
9 Pneumatic components Airtac
10 Proximity switch Autonics
11 Photoelectric sensor Omron