Concentrate Juice Drink Production Line

Concentrate juice preparation system is used for making juice from juice concentrate which can be sold in the market. The temperature of final mixed juice is around 85 – 90 degree centigrade. So the juice will be filled into bottles by hot filling machine. Once the filling temperature is lower than 85 – 90 degree centigrade, it will be back to sterilizing machine again.
This system includes: Steam boiler (prepared by customer), hot water system, jacket high shear emulsification tank (high speed), jacket beverage mixing tank (medium speed), double filter, high pressure homogenizer, plate sterilizer, insulation balance tank, drink pump, CIP system, electric control system, connection pipe, cable bridge etc.
Material: stainless steel 304, touching part stainless steel 316. Material offer by ZPSS;

Hot water system is applied in whole line for saving energy. The steam boiler only heat the water, which will be pumped into another mixing tank for better mixing and melting;

– There is independent electric control system for whole line, controlled by PLC;

– NOTE the touch screen will be apply “Pro-Face”, it can be remote control under internet condition; Once machine program down, we can modify in our factory;

– Inside treatment of tank are well polished without any line and scracth;

– We will connect all the pipes and cable connection in our factory and having whole system running; –

CIP cleaning ball will be add into all the tanks for better cleaning;


Production capacity Total power Steam consumption
(LPH) Kw Kg
1000 20.1 500
1500 66.25 600
2000 68 600
3000 82.75 600
3500 82.75 650
5000 93.75 1750

(NOTE: Above data is summarized by client’s requirements.)             2, Title: CIP cleaning system   Description CIP cleaning system is used for items in-place cleaning of pipes, valves and vessels, can also apply to the brewery, beverage plants, and general food production materials of pipes and equipment cleaning. Normally it mainly contains three tanks, hot acid water tank, hot alkali water tank and hot water tank separately.   A beverage pump which can bear hot temperature is used in CIP to convey cleaning liquid into material pipe and equipment, circulate to equipment circularly. Therefore, the equipment utilization can be improved without the disintegration of the equipment and the pipeline, and reduce labor intensity of workers. Therefore, this product is an advanced of cleaning process equipment.   Working principle A water cleaning When the material is finished, use water to clean immediately to eliminate residual material, at the same time it is more advantageous to the next step of liquid water cleaning. water can stop when the equipment flow of water out of clearing.   B Alkali-cleaning The NaOH makes up to 2% concentration alkaline twist in the holding tank, heated to 80 ℃, then cycling about 30minutes. The alkali can dissolve protein, butterfat and make the fouling loose foam. If the scale is more serious, it can increase the concentration of the solution.   C Water cleaning Use water to flush about 15 minutes after remove the alkali.   D Acid-cleaning Make the HNO3 into the concentration of 2% acidic detergent, then heat to 80℃, cycling about 30minutes.   E Water cleaning Use water to flush about 15 minutes after remove the acid, in case of the materials are polluted during reproduction. Parameter

Capacity 1000LPH
Material Stainless steel 304
Working pressure Normal pressure in tank, in steam pipe 0.3-0.7Mpa
Working temperature A: In acid, alkaline and water tank 0-85℃
B: Water pipe normal pressure
Material name Acid and alkaline liquid tank 2% tric acid solution .2% caustic liquid
Total volume Acid and alkaline liquid tank; 2×1Ma
Filling coefficient 80%
Capacity categories Atmospheric Tank
Each cleaning time Free
The order of cleaning fluid Hot water – hot acid water – hot water – hot alkaline water – hot water
Maximal centrifugal pressure head 24m
Motor power 2.2kw
Weight 700kg
Size 5000*1500*2500mm
Tank size Tank diameter: 1250mm
Total height: 2000mm
Outside layer thickness: 2mm
Inside layer thicknedd: 2mm
Insulation layer: 50mm
Material: stainless steel 304
Dosing pump: 60w * 2pcs = 120w
Beverage pump power: 3kw

3, Tile: Juice plate sterilizing machine   Description Plate sterilizer is widely applied in food industry, especially for the milk, soybean milk, juice beverage, ice cream, alcoholic drink, beer processing. Also developed in medical industry these years.   Plate sterilizing machine is the core part of juice preparation system. It is consisted of plate heat exchanger, Sanitary pump, balance tank, hot water device ( Including hot water tank, hot water pump, small heat exchanger ), Steam system ( Including Shut-off valve, steam filter, press-reducing valve, Pneumatic diaphragm valve ), Pneumatic three-way recycling valve, Electric control box, Connecting pipes, Supporting frame.   Working principle Juice enter balance tank, then will be pumped by Sanitary pump to pre-heating part of plate heat exchanger, then going to the sterilizing part, insulation part, heat recycling part and cooling part. The juice which has reached sterilizing requirements will go for filling, the juice which hasn’t will flow back to balance tank, and re-sterilize again.   Feature – The equipment is with small size, sample structure, high efficiency heat transferring, high efficiency heat recycling, convenient installation and dismantling. – Sterilizing temperature auto adjusting system is consisted of testing components, PLC, touch screen, Pneumatic adjusting valve. – Juice outlet or recycling controlling system is consisted of PLC, four-way valve, temperature sensor. We can control the on and off of the four-way valve by comparing the sterilizing temperature, sterilizing time and set value. – Temperature setting is more precise. – Sterilizing time is short.   Parameter

Production capacity (L/H) 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000
Sterilizing temperature (℃) 120
Designed pressure (Mpa) 0.4
Testing pressure (Mpa) 0.55
Sterilizing time (s) 4-10
Juice outlet temperature (℃) 85-90
Weight (kg) 1000 1180 1260 1400 1680
Size (mm) 1500*1200*2000 1900*1250*2200 2100*2200*2500 2300*2200*2500 2600*2200*2500
Power (kw) 3 4 5 6 7