CIP cleaning system

This product is used for dairy items in-place cleaning of pipes and vessels, can also apply to the brewery, beverage plants, and general food production materials of pipes and equipment cleaning. Normally it mainly contains three tanks, hot acid water tank, hot alkali water tank and hot water tank separately. It is up to our customer’s requirement.

A beverage pump which can bear hot temperature is used in CIP to convey cleaning liquid into material pipe and equipment, circulate to equipment circularly. Therefore, the equipment utilization can be improved without the disintegration of the equipment and the pipeline, and reduce labor intensity of workers. Therefore, this product is an advanced of cleaning process equipment.    Using this equipment need a closer cooperation with the workshop, piping arrangement, cleaning head and so on.   CIP

Working principle

A  water cleaning

When the material is finished, use water to clean immediately to eliminate residual material, at the same time it is more advantageous to the next step of liquid water cleaning. water can stop when the equipment flow of water out of clearing.   B Alkali-cleaning

The NaOH makes up to 2% concentration alkaline twist  in the holding tank, heated to 80 ℃, then cycling about 30minutes. The alkali can dissolve protein, butterfat and make the fouling loose foam. If the scale is more serious , it can increase the concentration of the solution.

C Water cleaning Use water to flush about 15 minutes after remove the alkali.

D Acid-cleaning   Make the HNO3 into the concentration of 2% acidic detergent, then heat to 80 ℃, cycling about 30minutes.

E Water cleaning Use water to flush about 15 minutes after remove the acid, in case of the materials are polluted during reproduction.

2 Cleaning Notes:

2 Cleaning Notes:

Do not use chloride preparation detergent, when cleaning. B Clear water requirements of chlorine should be less than 50mg/L, in the regions where the water quality is poor, the water should be purification before washing.