Beverage and Juice Mixing Production Line

Our Company Provide Automatic YF serious Juice production line. Production capacity from 2000L-20000Liter Per hour. Filling Vessel can apply to bottles and cans.

Complete solution of juice production line includes 6 parts:

1, Water treatment system For purified raw water (well water, river water, municipal water, except sea water) to standard drinking water.   Including: booster pump, quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, water softener, ion re-birth device, cartridge filter, reverse osmosis / ultra fiber filter, UV sterilizing machine, pure water storage tank, ozone machine.

2, Juice preparation system Making flavor juices from juice concentrate by heat melting, mixing, homogenizer and sterilizing. And making the taste more delicious.   Including: Steam boiler (prepared by customer), hot water system, jacket high shear emulsification tank (high speed), jacket beverage mixing tank (medium speed), double filter, high pressure homogenizer, plate sterilizer, insulation balance tank, drink pump.

3, Pipe line and vessel cleaning system (CIP cleaning system) Clean the preparation system and filling machine including the pipes, valves and juice storage vessels;   Including: hot water tank, alkaline tank, acid tank, dosing tanks and dosing pump.

4, Juice filling system Filling juice into containers, which can be sold in the market;   Including: bottle washing, juice filling, bottle capping, cap elevator, cap washing.

5, Bottled juice packing system   Including: automatic sleeve labeling machine, steam generator, shrinking tunnel, stick labeling machine, date printing machine, shrink wrapping, carton packing machine.

6, PET bottle blow molding system Forming bottles with different bottle shapes from PET preform;   Including: PET bottle blowing machine, mould heater, bottle mould, HP/LP air compressor, HP/LP air dryer, air filter, water chiller, air storage tank. juice mixing system 2juice mixing system 7juice mixing system 7