4 In 1 Juice Filling Machine

The juice bottling machine is mainly designed for filling hot temperature liquid with fruit piece into bottles; For example juice, tea drinks etc which are made of concentrate juice. The final filling temperature will be around 85-90 degree centigrade; Once the thermal meter in juice filling machine is lower than the temperature, juice will be return to sterilizing machine again through return system.

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Feature – The machine is 4 in 1 filling machine, including bottle rinsing, juice filling and bottle capping; – There is agitator inside filling tank while filling; – Filling machine can be adjusted the height automatically basing on different height of bottles; – It is for filling juice into plastic bottle; 330ml-2000ml bottle can be used in same machine (bottle neck must be the same); – NOTE the touch screen will be apply “Pro-Face”, it can be remote control under internet condition; Once machine program down, we can modify in our factory; – There is return system, including high position tank, return tank, vacuum pump and pump; For return juice to sterilizing machine; – Except the juice, such filling machine can be used for filling water as well; – The whole machine structure (all inside parts and outside structure) is totally new designed; – Sanitary filling head system is of umbrella structure, high filling speed and perfect filling temperature control system and reflux tank system has the function of supplying the material automatically; – More function can be added basing on requirement; – High speed performance with less filling head; – All the spare parts are made in one piece, which will be easy to change; Parameter

Model: RCGF12-12-4-4 RCGF18-18-6-6 RCGF24-24-8-8 RCGF32-32-10-10 RCGF40-40-12-12 RCGF50-50-15-15 RCGF60-60-15-15
Capacity: B/H (500ml) 3000-4000 7000-8000 10000-12000 12000-15000 15000-18000 20000-22000 22000-25000
Bottle shape: Normal round or square
Filling liquid Juice with fruit piece
PET bottle: (mm) (Bottle Diameter): φ50-φ110mm   (Height): 150-310mm Volume: 250ml -2000ml
Cap: Plastic screw cap
Filling  precision: ≤ ±5mm
Return system High position tank: 1 set;  return tank: 1 set;  vacuum pump: 1 set;  booster pump: 1 set
Material Stainless steel 304; touch part: 316
Power(KW) 3.0 4.0 4.2 5.2 6.2 7.5 8.5
Gas source pressure: 6 bar
Rinsing  pressure: 2-2.5 bar
Overall  size:(mm) 1900*1500*2350 2250*1650*2350 2600*1965*2350 2980*2200*2250 3880*2200*2250 4000*2250*2250 5500*3500*2250
Weight: (KG) 2500 3500 4500 6500 8500 9800 12000