Aluminum Can Package has Become a New Choice for Mineral Water?

For so many years, even up until now, many have been grappling with the idea of making an aluminum can package, there are so many reasons why the aluminum can package is the new choice for packaging mineral water. we will discuss the advantages and reasons why it is the new choice for packaging mineral water.

Aluminum cans are by far the most sustainable beverage package on virtually every measure. They also have a higher recycling rate and a high amount of recycled content than competing package types. They are very lightweight, very strong, and more, they allow brands to package and move beverages using less material.

Unlike the glass and plastic. These materials are way more valuable compared to both plastic and glass. The aluminum can make municipal recycling programs monetary viable and effectively subsidizing the recycling of less valuable materials in the waste bin.

There are so many areas to look at when we talk about the reason why aluminum can is the main thing, we will talk about:


There is a strong indicator of a great material management, and a very effective industrial efficiency, the weight of an average aluminum is said to have reduced dramatically over the past years. according to stats, it says 40 percent. The reason for this is that can makers are looking for ways to make cans with less metal while maintaining their strength. And you know what cans with less metal means, less waste and increased and better shipping.

Waste to wealth

The use of aluminum can is also said to help make recycling programs possible. Majority of these recycling programs depend on re-selling recycled materials. The high value of the aluminum in the recycling industry can effectively subsidize the recycling of fewer materials in the bin. According to a report, it is said that aluminum scrap is said to be worth over $1186 per ton on average compared to $226 per ton for plastic and $17 per ton for glass.

High Percentage of recycled content

This material is very unique in such a way that they are most of the times recycled back into themselves, what that means is that the average can out there has a high level of recycled content. In summary, aluminum cans have more than 3 times the recycled content.

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