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Drawing Design

After taking order, we will design the complete line according to clients’ requests.
Main engineer will print out complete machine drawings from bolt and screw.

Production Discuss

Before field production, our plant manager and certain workers for the order will gather together and discuss all parts needed to be notice and taken care.

Regular Report

During machine assembling and adjusting, we will get client process report regularly, so that client can get the latest updates of his machinery and adjust request if he needed to.

Raw material Processing

At first we will prepare all parts needed according to the machine drawings. cutting sheets, polishing bolts, etc.

Machine Assembling

After all parts are in place, we start assembiling. Bearings, frames, bolts, screws and etc.

Running Test

At end of assembling, we start adjusting the whole machine with clients’ liquid and filling vessel. To meet perfect filling status.


After running test, all finished products needs strict measuring to meet final inspection standard.

Client Inspection

Before shipping, we will ask for clients’ inspection and do complete running test and check all necessary parts with clients.


After clients’ inspection approval, we will pack all machine with standards and order containers for shipping.